Super Z

Vacuum prime centrifugal pumps with new Simplex separator

Highly dependable pumps suitable for wellpoint systems and construction site dewatering



Emergency duty

Ground water dewatering



Emergency duty

Ground water dewatering



The system consists of a Z centrifugal pump with semi-open impeller and a Simplex separator where air can separate from the liquid and be sucked by a vacuum pump.

The vacuum pump allows the unit to be primed automatically and capable of drawing significant quantities of air, allowing the priming of a wellpoint system and maintaining it under vacuum, or draining an excavation thoroughly under “snore” conditions.


Simplex separator

New high capacity air/water separator - nominal capacity: 120 m3/h / 70.6 cfm

  • Fully mechanical patented system that allows fast priming and is also suitable for wellpoint system
  • Automatic condensate recovery
  • Manual valve to restore atmospheric pressure and the emptying of suction line
  • Suitable for operation in any condition (suction lift or flooded suction installation)
  • Automatic “dry” priming (without first having to fill the pump casing with liquid)
  • High air capacity
  • High efficiency pump: 79%  (6-250 model)
  • High resistance to abrasive liquids: turbid, muddy, sandy waters
Semi-open impeller with solids handling making the units suitable both for drainage and for wellpoint systems

Easy maintenance: hinged cover for a full and easy inspection of the impeller and eventual unclogging.

Three kinds of vacuum pump: no contamination of the environment.

Rotary vane vacuum pump lubricated with oil recirculation system 

Oil free diaphragm vacuum pump.

Rotary claw vacuum pump without lubrication


Modular arrangement

Tank of 300 liters / 79 USG: autonomy of 58 h

Semi-open impeller with solids handling up to 3” (76 mm)
Available materials:

  • ductile iron
  • marine bronze
  • stainless steel

Product range

Model Ports Solids Speed
[mm] [in] [mm] [rpm]
Z 4-200 100 4" 40 1450/1800
Z 4-220 40
Z 4-250 50
Z 4-260 76
Z 4-225 100 4" 35 2900
Z 6-240 150 6" 50 1450/1800
Z 6-250 76
Z 6-253 45
Z 8-300 200 8" 60 1450/1800
Z 8-305 76 1450/1800
Z 10-400 250 10" 76 1450/1800
Z 12-400 300 12" 70 975






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